Denarius v3.3.9.8

Denarius Release Notes:

  • Protocol Bump to 33933 (All nodes will need to update)
  • Jupiter IPFS now has PeerID and PubKey Support (If using jupiterlocal=1)
  • Include Vout TX Hex Data with asm in Transactions
  • Added Transaction Sizes to RPC
  • Update to FortunaStakes
  • Improved FS Status Information
  • Updated getinfo and other RPC Commands to return more information
  • Updated other RPC commands for use with Kronos (
  • Added burn RPC command (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88)
  • New EUR Balance in QT Overview (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88)
  • Random updates, fixes, and improvements to Denarius overall

Credits to @buzzkillb for being so kind and hosting our chaindata at

File Denarius.exe
CRC64 Hash 5D4AB44F21EBA00B
SHA256 Hash 8B1D5225214CD08E9388624D0A9A7F5DFEF4623F1B1B1C8EB83D7085DF6B56D1
SHA1 Hash C00315327EA73D6618292F8B5B761D738D3DF93C
BLAKE2sp Hash 521782DAC158073876426EE25C1BBAEBFB7105A6E2D43DDBFCC4772814C7C544
CRC64 Hash 64CB101088A96056
SHA256 Hash 6D5DB6C0F54D39F7DEB52AB8EFC08356FD6B26A87BF3A846F3976CEFEE963E11
SHA1 Hash 4A46AF4DC7D3D6BDB4301C97FA601D704A7D90AA
BLAKE2sp Hash 7008326400B318F34D1421D357988060BA6E2E27EB56D24DFC755B357F8513C6