Denarius v3.3.9.7

denariusrelease Changes and Features:

  • New Denarius Jupiter Flags (-jupiterlocal=1 and -jupiterip=ipfsnodeip:port to specify a remote or locally hosted IPFS node) Default is jupiterlocal=0 and uses APIs to connect to IPFS
  • (sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev is required as a dep now!)
  • New proofofdata RPC Command
  • Updated Jupiter IPFS UI in the Denarius QT
  • New jupiterduo and jupiterduopod commands (Must have jupiterlocal flag enabled)
  • Autocomplete in the Denarius QT Debug Window
  • Fixes for upcoming PoW Block 3 Million. (Proof of Work rewards end)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Updates
  • Snap is updated as always snap refresh denarius or snap install denarius on any Linux distro and arch!
SHA256 Hash A022FEC6D9C5C4EA747A8F121E39578842803FB2CF3BA57C4798760A85906878
SHA1 Hash 6AF62D2F684EAE99ECB27289182E6A1C9722668E
CRC64 Hash 9F8F0D998A62B44E
File Denarius.exe
SHA256 Hash 16F7D0D928C02878428BAB1F697128079EB08FAD3480184716EFA450B051B694
SHA1 Hash 0BB82DA5C91327A3AF22A40213152E89EA7FA839
CRC64 Hash 4849558F817C7921
File Denarius-v3.3.9.7-macOS.dmg
SHA256 Hash C96DD1EAE3F0E28DD1F0800BC4DC420A8B5B079AC9713D312FB158A335C55B31
SHA1 Hash CA3C8DC4AA4D251ABBCA59D1B817281A1578F24B
CRC64 Hash 7C31BFFE0150DBA7



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