Denarius v3.3.9.12

Mandatory Release

  • Proof of Work mined blocks will now reward 0.0001 D vs the previous 0 D reward
  • Updated Checkpoints and Modifiers
  • You will need to update to v3.3.9.12 of Denarius before Block 4683333 (June 8th 2021 Approx.)
  • Other random improvements and updates

We are bringing back Proof of Work rewards with this release of Denarius v3.3.9.12….We wanted to have spendable UTXOs instead of unspendable zero value UTXOs, emissions will be hardly affected by this change, everyone must update and we hope to see some mining pools come back online!

From Previous Release Notes of v3.3.9.11:

Introducing…..Denarius Domain Names, Aliases, and DNS!


Denarius now features what we are calling NVS (Name Value Storage) and DDNS (Denarius Domain Name Server)

Official Public Denarius DNS Servers:
Learn more about DDNS:
Learn more about Denarius Domains:
Learn more about NVS:
More sites and information will be coming with updates!

Upon updating Denarius from a previous wallet/node you MUST either sync from block 0, or grab the latest chaindata and extract it into your Denarius data directory from

New Denarius Domain TLDs:


You can now register and update “names” on the Denarius chain. These new RPC commands are included in Denarius now along with a new UI tab in the QT Wallet labeled “NVS”!

- name_new
- name_update
- name_delete
- name_show
- name_scan
- name_mempool
- name_list
- name_filter
- name_debug


Domain Names are defined with a dns: prepended to the domain

name_new dns:satoshi.btc "A=|TXT=dnslink=/ipfs/QmRA3NWM82ZGynMbYzAgYTSXCVM14Wx1RZ8fKP42G6gjgj" 9999

This registers the domain: satoshi.btc with the A record set to a public IPFS gateway with a dnslink to it’s contents, all decentralized.

Alias are defined with a @ prepended to the name

name_new @satoshi "You can put whatever you want for the value" 9999

Some random Denarius Domains and sites running (can be accessed through IPFS gateway without DNS servers)

If you have our public DNS servers added or Denarius running locally inconjunction with a DNS proxy you can access sites directly:

The cost to register a name and value in Denarius is 0.1 D, 0.09 D goes to miners/stakers/FS and 0.01 D goes to a unspendable transaction output for the name data.

You can start up a DDNS server when you start Denarius with the new configuration flags for denarius.conf:


This release includes some other random bug fixes, improvements, and updates!

Some additional guides:

Denarius.exe Hashes

Name: Denarius.exe
Size: 34127872 bytes (32 MiB)
CRC32: 4B7FD5E5
CRC64: 98FA62EC3A7496A2
SHA256: 3485A8DE13C6C3379F5CF0737408BD184007235EFBE5BC52D8AA4512F4315E35
SHA1: C71DEF1E51B09D23E53DCB4A4233DE2BE805F661
BLAKE2sp: 3FCC5F2FCFFB6F5839C9710E74756FCD6495CED6B513B384586109396DC1FA40

Size: 17027997 bytes (16 MiB)
CRC32: 5C99D7E7
CRC64: 72A1527A41FC2877
SHA256: 8D8E595B1873501158BE48428B60AE66151BA48D9B4AEF65FA15AFA769EAE419
SHA1: 611B583804DC59095F76D6B719A0A6C260BFD67B
BLAKE2sp: CD0010D2609755AE9FE8ED5867A45F9467B464F3485A857F2B93DEF4DC5AB23D


Will be added soon.

Latest Linux Snapcraft is available: