Sync Denarius Wallet Fast

Always backup wallet.dat to a safe location.

To sync your new Denarius QT Wallet or denariusd faster, download from here

Then unzip the file to your Denarius data directory.

Data Directory Locations

OS Data Directory
Windows %APPDATA%\Denarius
macOS /Library/Application Support/Denarius
Linux ~/.denarius
Snap ~/snap/denarius/common/.denarius

Unzip Windows


Unzip Linux

cd ~/.denarius
rm -rf database txleveldb smsgDB

Start Wallet

Run the native QT Wallet or denariusd after extracting the .zip and you will sync to the current block height fast.

If you get an error when starting the QT or denariusd, go to the database folder and delete the files inside, and restart the wallet. Also ensure you run

./denariusd stop

to stop the denarius daemon if running before unzipping chaindata.

Use 7zip for Windows unzipping.